Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Most of my neighbors have been very nice about the whole thing. Its really not all the drama. We have a nice sidewalk that people walk their dogs on so I see quiet a few people when I'm out gardening. They ask questions, and wish me luck. I tell them to keep checking up and feel free to sample the veggies when they come in.

They do however seem perplexed and ask me what plant this is.
I admit it is pretty sad looking. lol. This is Lambsear. It is the softest plant you could ever feel. I transplanted it from a friends yard, it sat in the sun for a couple hours with no water so its kind of droopy. Understatement. I'm sure they are questioning my sanity at planting this pathetic thing anywhere yet alone right next to the sidewalk. My intentions are pure, I swear! Lambsear is almost a weed, and it will do a great job of keeping all the soil from falling onto the sidewalk. If it doesn't perk up in a couple weeks I will have to pull it and try something else. Like Oregano and thyme.

Here is my favorite little garden visitor. My daughter, 3yo wearing my gardening hat. Just had to throw that in.


  1. I watered mine and it still lokks pretty pathetic as well. I'm thinking it doesn't like to be transplanted right in the middle of its peak growing. michele

  2. I have had lambs ear before - it will take off, let it be :) Next year you will be blown away by how much it spreads!