Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Homestead Tour

I went with Simply Living to see this Homestead. They do all the things that I have always dreamt of doing. Of course seeing it in real life I realize its probably more work than I could handle. But it was a wonderful day, meeting like minded people, drinking raw milk (yum), and getting a wicked sunburn! So glad I went.

This is one of their two cute mini donkeys.

Followed by their giant hog.
They use this terrifying tower of doom to observe the wetlands they built on a part of their property.

These beauties are Dutch Belted Cows. A nearly extinct heirloom breed of cows. Good milkers and meat animals. Most heirloom breeds are hardy and dual purpose.

And this is a shot of their house. I LOVE the stairs.

Ran out of room for pics. Have to split this post up.

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