Friday, June 26, 2009

The Banc

Restless thoughts today have yielded an idea.

I want to create a BANC.

Bucket of

How cute would that be.

I have a friend who cleans houses and she makes her own cleansers. Wouldn't it be great to make some buckets that contain ALL that you need to keep your home clean naturally, and cheaply.

They would make great gifts, wedding gifts, food storage items, etc. I will begin looking into this soon. Maybe we could do it as a group at my house. She could come over. The bucket would include all the scrubbies, spray bottles, etc, etc that you would need. Any ideas?


  1. You rock! I'd love to hear how it goes & how to do it!

  2. I did this for Christmas last year! I blogged about it (complete with recipes too)
    Vinegar is magic & can be used to cheaply clean almost anything, and kills germs. I make ALL of my cleaning supplies, or I use just castile soap or vinegar.