Thursday, June 4, 2009

The backyard

For those who are wondering how "bad" the backyard is here are some pics of it.

My favorite place to sit and watch the kids play.

My keyhole garden. I made it a bit too big. I had to throw some flagstones in there so I can walk and reach everything. Raspberries and blackberries are along the fence, Apricot tree in the foreground, two pear trees in the background. Swing is shaded by a crabapple tree.

The asparagus bed, and the Aprium tree. Blueberries are behind the playhouse.

Can't wait till everything starts producing.


  1. Does that crabapple tree produce? My favorite memories of my grandma's food is crab apple jelly and homemade bread.

  2. It does actually. Maybe this will be the year I get out there and make some jam. We should leave some for the birds though. They eat them during the winter.