Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st

Photo update on the front yarden.

Soon to be delicious grapes. This is the only set I will get this year, but next year I hope to have many many more!
This one strawberry plant is spreading like crazy. The runners are settling in and sending out their own runners. Great groundcover, and I will have lots of strawberries next year.
One of my friends said of my front yard "Its not like your growing corn out there." Um, well, ok. This is my attempt at a three sisters guild. Corn for the beans to climb up. Beans to fix nitrogen for the corn and squash. Squash as a ground cover for the corn and beans. Knee high by fourth of July, not these babies.
These are the experimental garden berries. Mine are very small but I think thats my fault due to a late transplant. I have had to berries off the Naranjilla (top left plant). None from the wonderberry yet.
My Golden Jubilee tomato. Can't wait.
My daughter running the maze. They do this everytime I open the front door. You couldn't convince me they had more fun when it was grass because they didn't.
Green is filling in. I cut back most of the lambs ear. I need more greenery though. Always more to do isn't there.
My 8yo is planning her own birthday party and want to include a garden scavenger hunt. (her idea I swear) Her friends will have to find tomatoes, corn, Stevia, and others. I was bursting with pride and delight!

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