Monday, November 30, 2009

Last photos of Fall

I can't believe how Huge this purple (broccolli or cauliflower) got to be.
A gift someone leaves in the garden several times a week.
The carrots
Walking Onions
These were a huge surprise. They didn't flower in the spring but I left them alone and all of a sudden purple everywhere.

The color was amazing.

Lambs ear. Can be used as toilet paper.
The tomatoes are all done and out.
The berries and tomatillos are still hanging in there.

The herbs
Those wooden boxes will be used next spring for the potatoes. So I can build up the soil and then remove a box at a time to get to the harvest.

I got the boxes free from a street construction site. They were used to keep huge pipes together.

Love my english Lavendar and the Yarrow

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